Sailing has great health and fitness benefits for children. It develops hand-eye coordination, balance and muscle strength, and gives them a taste for the great outdoors. It helps the mind as well as the body: the thrill of handling a dinghy can do wonders for self confidence. With all these benefits in mind, we run junior and youth dinghy sailing courses for eight years old through to teens. They’re equally welcome whether they’ve never set foot in a boat before or are already into racing.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our Junior Dinghy Sailing Pathway:

Our RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Stage 1 courses introduce the basics of launching, sailing and recovering a boat. Children can then progress through the RYA Stages, learning to rig, gyb, hike out, and more. Secondary-school children may be able to use their sailing qualifications in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme. As children advance, they could learn to sail faster, with some race training or spinnaker skills. Or they could transfer their dinghy skills to a keelboat. Most courses take place at weekends or during school holidays, but to continue building your skills and sailing experience the rest of the time we run our Port Edgar Hi Flyers club for advanced sailors on a Monday evening, and Big Blue Sailing Clubs for those with Stage 2 and above on a Thursday evening every week over the spring and summer.