Sea kayaking is a great way to explore Scotland’s beautiful scenery from a unique vantage point. At Port Edgar Watersports we can help you learn and develop your kayaking skills, with sessions taking place both on and off site to give you a good range of experience. We also offer day trips and journeys, for those who just want to experience one of the world’s top sea kayaking destinations. We may be on the edge of a capital city, but the coastline around Edinburgh, Fife and the Firth of Forth holds nature reserves, uninhabited islands, and world-renowned architecture – all accessible by kayak.

For sea kayak hire and logistical support on journeys and expeditions please have a look at our Paddlesports Hire page.

Please have a look at the course details below for more information and available dates. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 0131 319 1820 or email To make a booking directly through our website CLICK HERE

Sea Kayaking Taster Session

If you’ve never paddled before and just want to give it a go, or if you want to find out more before committing to a course, why not come along on a taster session? Over the course of 2 hours, your instructor will provide you with a brief introduction to the equipment before taking you out on the water. No experience is necessary.

Sessions are available 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00

2017  Dates: 27 May afternoon, 28 May afternoon, 10 June afternoon, 15 July both, 9 September afternoon, 10 September afternoon
Cost: £39 adult, £29 under-16. Book 3 adults on one session and get a 4th space free.

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Introduction to Sea Kayaking

This is a 2-day course.

Pre-requisites: This course is suitable for those with no kayaking experience, though an ability to swim will give you more confidence.

Over two days, our fully qualified instructors will teach you fundamental paddle strokes and boat control, as well as the safety and rescue skills needed to paddle as part of a led group. You will also gain a basic understanding of tides and trip planning. Depending on weather conditions, the weekend will also include a short journey, either locally under the impressive Forth Bridges, or further afield along the East Lothian or Fife coasts.

At the end of the course you will have the option to receive the BCU 1* award (certificate fee £6 for SCA members, £7 for non-members).

2017 Dates: 22-23 April, 20-21 May, 3-4 June, 1-2 July, 5-6 August, 2-3 September
Cost: £169

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Sea Kayaking Trips

We offer full day and half day trips.

Pre-requisites: You should have enough kayaking experience to be able to control your own boat in light winds and small waves, and enough fitness for a half or full day’s paddling. We recommend taking the Introduction to Sea Kayaking course before coming on one of these trips.

Paddlesports offer a great way of exploring the outdoors, but venturing out on your own or with a peer group can be daunting. Our trips offer you the opportunity to discover new places, with the reassurance of knowing safety is provided by a fully qualified instructor. That same instructor can also help you consolidate and develop your skills as you paddle, passing on tips and hints, answering questions, and teaching you new things.

2017 Dates:
Full day trips:  16 July
Half day trips (afternoons): dates available on request
Full day: £69
Half day: £49

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Improver Sea Kayaking

This is a 2-day course.

Pre-requisites: This course is suitable for those with some kayaking experience, gained either through an Introduction to Sea Kayaking course or on their own.

Over two days, we will focus on improving your skills, looking at efficient boat handling in a variety of conditions. We will also have the opportunity to work on dealing with incidents, tidal planning and navigation skills.

2017 Dates: 17-18 June, 19-20 August
Cost: £169

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Improver Sea Kayaking Evening course

This course runs over 5 weeks in 2-hour sessions, 6.30pm-8.30pm

Pre-requisites: some kayaking experience. We recommend taking the Intro to Sea Kayaking 2-day course prior to attending these classes.

Over the course of several weeks, you will build your sea kayaking skills and experience. The sessions will usually take the form of a coached session in the harbour, followed by a short journey to put the skills into practice. The order and content of sessions listed below is a guide only, as we will work with the weather conditions to get the maximum out of each evening. Sessions will also be adapted as much as possible to reflect the specific needs and requests of the group.

Week 1: Forward paddling
Week 2: Turning
Week 3: Edging
Week 4: Rescues & Safety
Week 5: Tidal planning

2017 Dates: 11/18/25 May &  1/8 June,   22/29 June & 6/13/20 July,    3/10/17/24/31  August
Cost: £120

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Sea Kayak Skills Days

This is a 1-day course.

Pre-requisites: This course is suitable for those who are reasonably confident in their paddling but would like to refine or consolidate their skills. Conditions could include winds up to Beaufort F3-4, or swell of up to 1m.

During this course, we will take advantage of whatever conditions are available to improve boat-handling skills and build confidence. Depending on the weather, this could be working in windy conditions, learning to deal with surf and swell, tackling rockhopping challenges or fine-tuning technical ability to maximise our efficiency in flat water.

2017 Dates: April tbc, 29 July, 30 July, 26 August, 27 August
Cost: £89

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Sea Kayak Expedition Skills

This is a 3-day course.

Pre-requisites: This course is aimed at paddlers who are comfortable on a full day trip of approximately 20-25km, in conditions of winds up to Beaufort F3, and/or swell of up 1m.

This 3-day course will introduce you to all the skills needed to start planning your own expeditions. Beginning at Port Edgar, we will take into account the weather and tidal conditions for the following few days, working as a group to plan our destination. Once boats and equipment are loaded up, we will head off to our start point. The first day will end with a short paddle to a wild camp spot. Day 2 will see us either packing up and moving on to another scenic location, or heading out on a day trip before returning to base. Finally day 3 will include a half-day paddle before returning to Port Edgar.

We will provide you with paddling equipment and drybags, but we do not provide camping equipment. For full details of equipment required please see our kit list.

2017 Dates: 24-26 June, 12-14 August
Cost: £249

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Intermediate Sea Kayaking / BC 3* Sea Kayak

This is a 2-day course.

Pre-requisites: This course is suitable for those who are reasonably confident in their paddling but would like to refine or consolidate their skills. Please note that for paddlers wishing to complete the 3* award it is necessary to roll a sea kayak, however we will not be able to provide intensive teaching in this during the course.

This course is aimed at those with some kayaking experience, who would like to increase their paddling efficiency and move into more challenging conditions. Over the two days, depending on the weather conditions, we will look at areas such as kayaking in windy or rougher conditions, rescues and towing. We will also cover aspects of theory including tidal planning and navigation.

The course can be used simply to improve your skill and experience, however if you wish to take your British Canoeing 3* award you can be assessed for this during the course (certificate fee £12 for SCA members, £25 for non-members; see here for full details of the syllabus).

2017 Dates: 8-9 April, 8-9 July, 16-17 September
Cost: £169

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BC 4* Sea Kayak Leader Training

This is a 2-day or 3-day course.

Pre-requisites: For the stand-alone course, participants must have attended the BC Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning course, or an equivalent course approved by the SCA. For all courses paddlers should be at least at 3* standard, though it is not necessary to hold the 3* award.

This course provides the formal training required for paddlers wishing to become BC 4* Sea Kayak Leaders. Following on from the training, paddlers are required to build up a logbook of experience before presenting for assessment. This course runs either over 3 days, including the BC Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning, or as a stand-alone 2-day course. It is not possible to book only 2 days of the 3-day course.

The 4* Sea Kayak Leader is able to lead a group of up to 4 paddlers in moderate tidal waters (up to 2 knots of tides, winds up to Beaufort Force 4, launching and landing through waves of up to 1m) where landings are available every 1-2 miles. The training course will cover paddling techniques, safety and rescue, and navigation, among other topics. For the full syllabus see here

2017 Dates:
3-day with BC Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning: 24-26 March
2-day stand-alone: 30 September & 1 October
Cost: £229 for 3 days, £169 for 2 days

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BC Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning

This course runs as a 1-day or modular evening shore-based course, or is incorporated into the BC 4* Sea Kayak Leader training

Pre-requisites: None for the 1-day and evening courses, see 4* Leader information for the combined course.

This course will cover key aspects of sea kayak theory. We will look at how to plan for tides, weather and sea conditions, including how to make the best use of available sources of information. We will also cover navigation by both map and chart, looking at a range of practical strategies. There will plenty of opportunities to get hands on with planning in both the shore-based and practical courses. By the end of the course you should have a good understanding of what you need to think about before setting out to sea.

During the 2-day course, we will mix theory and practise; depending on the weather conditions we will either spend the first day in the classroom and the second on the water, or spend half a day on land and half on water on each day.

During the evening course we will also look at aspects of safety such as what equipment to carry.

The course covers the content of the BC Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning award, and participants on the 1-day course will receive the associated certificate. The evening course does not include the certificate fee but this can be added at a cost of £5 for SCA members and £10 for non-members. Full details of the syllabus can be found here. Although the CNTP serves as a pre-requisite for the BC 4* Sea Kayak Leader award, it is suitable for kayakers of all levels.

2017 Dates:
1-day course: 15 July, 23 September
Evening course: 25 October & 1/8/15/22 November, 6.30pm-8.30pm
BC 4* Sea Kayak Leader Training: 24-26 March

1-day course: £75
Evening course: £65

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BC Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

This is a 1-day course.

Pre-requisites: Paddlers are required to be at approximately BC 2* standard, though it is not necessary to hold the qualification. The course uses canoes and kayaks, and participants must be able to control both on flat water.

This course covers a wide range of rescue techniques for a variety of craft, with an emphasis on problem-solving and flexibility. It is ideal for any paddler wanting to increase their confidence on the water, help out with a club, or become a more active member of a paddling group. It is also a pre-requisite for the BC/UKCC Level 1 Coach course.

This is a hands-on course where participants will have plenty of opportunity to practise methods and try out ideas. There is no assessment, rather at the end of the day you should have learned enough to receive the certificate, and our tutor will also discuss with you any areas for further development.

This course can also be taken bank-based, in which case there are no pre-requisites. If you wish to take this option please contact us before booking.

For more information, including a full syllabus for the award, please visit the Scottish Canoe Association website here

2017 Dates: 11 March, 30th September
Cost: £85

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